Maurice Hall HaycockCanada's Arctic Artist
Maurice Hall Haycock

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Yukon, Alaska and Western Arctic Gallery
Haycock began painting the Yukon and Alaska with A. Y. Jackson and Ralph Burton in the 1960's. He returned to this colourful, beguiling and historic land many times. Haycock last painted there in 1984 in conjunction with a major retrospective solo exhibition.

Tuktoyaktuk was a special place for Haycock. Though basically flat, it was the gateway to the western Arctic and thus was a true frontier town. Once Haycock flew out of Tuk to Banks Island, and was stranded for a week when the plane got bogged down in mud - off its flight plan. If not for him fixing the radio gear they would have been stranded much longer, at best.

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Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Section House at Log Cabin, White Pass
11" x 14", 1965
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Kathleen Lakes, Yukon
11" x 14", 1964
Lake Lebarge
11" x 14", 1965

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