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yellow house
Yellow House in Pangnirtung, then
When Maurice Haycock travelled to Pangnirtung, Baffin Island in 1926 to map the Cumberland Sound area, his first duty was to build a house. Over the years this house was renovated and moved, took on various roles, became the doctor’s house and eventually the Tourism Office. Haycock’s last visit to Pangnirtung was in 1987. He observed, “To my delight we learned our old house was being used as a visitors’ centre…I was pleased to see it had survived and was still being used by the people of Pangnirtung”.
House completed in 1926.
Haycock returns in 1971, 45 years later.
House completed in 1926. Haycock’s home for a year.
Haycock returns in 1971, 45 years later. It has a new roof.
Haycock surrounded by young Inuit.

Maurice Haycock is very evident in the oral history of the Inuit in Pangnirtung. We hope to restore the house he built and have it designated as a heritage site. Although this house was designated for demolition, the Inuit elders in the community are interested in it being restored. Possible uses for the house would include residence for visiting Inuit and non-Inuit artists, artist resource centre, museum, etc.

Shown on left: Haycock, who remains part of the local oral history, was surrounded by young Inuit while painting in 1971.

Yellow House in Pangnirtung, now

Kathy Haycock (daughter of Maurice Haycock) stands outside Maurice Haycock’s old house. The house has been moved, painted yellow and is in disrepair.

We are seeking funding in order to restore this historical site. Elmer's Products Inc. has offered to donate some industrial building products, pending transportation. Any other donations toward this project are most welcome and needed.

Please contact Kathy Haycock

Maurice Haycock’s old house
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