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Maurice Hall Haycock

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Haycock's Memory:

Maurice Haycock’s memory will continue to contribute to the scientific, musical and artistic fabric of Canada.

In science, the Maurice Haycock Bursary is given each year to a promising second year student of Geology at Acadia University.

In music, the Maurice Haycock Memorial Fund assists the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra. The fund was created by his wife, Kay, after his death in recognition of his contributions to the orchestra from its founding and throughout the rest of his life.

In art, Haycock was honoured posthumously at the Westboro Fine Art Festival in 1989, 1990, and 1991 when bursaries were given to young artists in his name. A major posthumous retrospective exhibition was held in 2000 in Ottawa. It sold out in four days. An exhibition of Yukon paintings is being planned.

A tragic fire in 2003 destroyed a large collection of Haycock's paintings and archival materials. But his remaining paintings stand Maurice Haycock’s paintings remain as a tribute to him - a painter who loved Canada, her remote peoples and wild landscapes and excelled wonderfully in sharing his passion through his art.

Maurice Hall Haycock
Maurice Hall Haycock, BSc, MA, PhD, LLB

Haycock succeeded in visiting and painting more of the Arctic than anyone had before, or has since. He is recognized as Canada’s foremost Artist of the North. Not just because he has painted so many places, but because he understood and conveyed the essence of the land in his paintings.

Haycock also left a number of his so called “projects in progress” to be completed after his death. These included the publishing of books on his 1926/27 Diary, a book of paintings of the Historic Sites of the Arctic, a memoir of Painting Trips with A.Y. Jackson, and an (auto)biography. Watch this site for progress on these books, more exhibitions, and other material.

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