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Maurice Hall Haycock

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Introduction to the North and to A.Y. Jackson:

After graduation from Acadia University in 1926 with a BSc and an MA in Geology he accepted a surveying assignment in the Arctic. That summer he left on board the Beothic as the assistant to his childhood friend, Dr. Ludlow Weeks. They visited several northern posts en route to their destination, Pangnirtung NWT.

One was the opening on the RCMP post at Bache Peninsula, Ellesmere Island. He photographed the historic event using his camera and glass lantern slides. With these and the developing chemicals and paper he had brought as the official photographer, he preserved a considerable historic record of early Inuit life.

Over the next year Haycock mapped the Cumberland Sound area of Baffin Island traveling by foot, boat, and dogsled. During his stay he kept a detailed and fascinating diary. On the way home he met A.Y. Jackson and Sir Frederick Banting who were on a painting trip aboard the Beothic. The artists made an enormous impression on him.

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Maurice Hall Haycock
Maurice Hall Haycock in his winter clothing, Inuit style.
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