Maurice Hall HaycockCanada's Arctic Artist
Maurice Hall Haycock

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Haycock's early life was saddened by the death of his mother when he was three and his father when he was 17. By the time Haycock was 17 he was already one of Canada’s War Vets. He was sent home in 1917 with an honourable discharge, after having been discovered to be still under age after more than a year of overseas training.

Resuming his schooling in 1917, Haycock worked summers at the Geological Survey of Canada survey camps, played in a dance band called The Harmony Six, assembled early radio receivers, and spent a year working in a garage on “motorcars”.

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Maurice Hall Haycock
Maurice Haycock at the age of 15, enlisted in WW1. He recieved an Honourable discharge in 1917 at age 16.
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