Maurice Hall HaycockCanada's Arctic Artist
Maurice Hall Haycock

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Barrenlands Gallery:
The vivid fall colours and sweeping movement of this land captivated Haycock. Most of his Barrenlands painting trips were with A. Y. Jackson and the influence of the Group of Seven artist is apparent during this period.

Together the two camped on the land, painting in complete isolation and happiness.

Jackson said his favourite painting trip ever was the 1959 Lac Rouvier trip with Haycock.

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Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Lac Rouvier, Barrenlands
11" x 14", 1959
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Hills near Port Radium, Great Bear Lake
11" x 14", 1950
Near the Edge of the Barrenlands
11" x 14", 1959

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