Maurice Hall HaycockCanada's Arctic Artist
Maurice Hall Haycock

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Atlantic Gallery:

Originally from Nova Scotia, Haycock spent summer holidays painting rural Nova Scotia in the 1940's and 1950's. He regularly returned throughout his life. His paintings show an admiration for old fashioned ways of life, fishing villages and farmland.

In contrast, the rugged shores and charming outports of Newfoundland provided endless powerful subject matter to paint when Haycock visited his daughter, artist Karole Pittman, and her family.

As a personal friend and guest of Joey Smallwood, Haycock frequently painted the interior of Labrador, recording the landscape before and after some major hydro and mining projects.

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Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Nova Scotia
24" x 30", 1951
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Looking Toward Western Brook Pond, NFLD
11" x 14", 1973
Port Maitland, Nova Scotia
11" x 14", 1951

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