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Maurice Hall Haycock

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Arctic Gallery:
Haycock's first visit to the Canadian Arctic was in 1926-27 when he lived at Pangnirtung, Baffin Island for a year surveying and mapping. In the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's he painted farther and farther north, recording his impressions of the vast land and its history.

He visited and painted many remote locations, historic sites and scientific research camps including the North Pole, traveling by air and by Ice Breaker.

The North was his favourite place to be and his favourite place to paint. Haycock was not back South for long before his next trip was well on the way to being planned.

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Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Graves at Beechey Island
11" x 14", 1972
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Pangnirtung, Looking toward Kulik River
11" x 14", 1985
Polar Continental Shelf Project Camp at North Pole
11" x 14", 1969
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
Painting by Maurice Hall Haycock
St. Helena Island, Jones Sound
11" x 14", 1965
Bylot Island Study No.1
11" x 14", 1963

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